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Learn By Examples - A Quick Guide to C# Programming

Learning programming has never been so Easy!
  • About the Book This technical book aim to equip the reader with C# programming (C Sharp Programming) fundamentals in a fast and practical way. There will be many examples and explanations are straight to the point. You will develop your own C# programs such as web browser at the end of the book. Asides, we have also uploaded some of our own softwares at:
  • Contents 1. Introduction
    2. Language Essentials I (Variables, Arrays, ...)
    3. Language Essentials II (Loops, Conditions, ...)
    4. OBject Essentials (Polymorphism, Inheritance, ...)
    5. GUI Design and Labs
    6. Conclusion
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The key Features

A Quick Guide to Learn C#...

This technical book will cover the essentials of C# programming, from variables and arrays to conditional statements, from object and classes to windows form design, and more importantly, you will create your own C# programs such as web browser windows form application at the end.

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Perfection is achieved

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This C# programming guide is a true mine of knowledge for anyone

About The Author

Mr Eric Goh Published Author

Eric Goh is a seasoned Data Science Researcher and Software Engineer with over eight years of experience in multiple industries. Eric Goh’s varied career includes data and text mining, intelligent systems development, IT project management, engineering product design and researches.

For the past eight years, Eric Goh has researched and developed various projects, which includes the automated unstructured text classification system to enhance the Singapore Custom’s existing product categorization TradeNetSystem. He has years of experience in system development with C#, Java, C/C++, Python, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and etc. Eric also holds a Masters of Technology degree in Knowledge Engineering from the National University of Singapore, and an Executive MBA in IT Management from Universitas 21 Global and Indira Gandhi National Open University. He also graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Bachelor of Science in Computing degree. Eric Goh is a GSTF Certified Big Data Science Analyst (CBDSA), PRINCE2 Practitioner, and AIIM Certified Business Process Management Master (BPMM).

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